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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

"Don't Mess With the Quiet Kid."

"Don't Mess With the Quiet Kid."

A truly amazing moment..... Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you.

Let me set the scene....... at shopping centre purchasing clothes for my growing young son.  I needed to also get a few groceries.  Going through the check-out, the youngest spied a small indoor play area. Before I knew it and when the dust settled, I realised he was at the play area working his way through the maze.  I smiled as I was only a few metres away and my eldest son was with him, keeping a close eye on the other children.  This is standard for my older son and I. Sometimes when other children try to talk to the youngest, someone usually needs to intervene, guiding the social interactions.  I could hear constant yelling and squealing.... the kind that draws your attention.  I immediately looked over to the play centre, wondering if something was upsetting my child.  It is usually him squealing.   But when I eventually located him he was playing happily jumping on foam lilly pads by himself.  He did have his fingers in his ears, but again this not uncommon especially when we are in a shopping centre. Two other children caught my eye as they played like "Tassie Devils" in the small area.  But hey.... who am I to judge ?.... we don't do that.  I did consider though that I needed to get through the check out and abandon the centre quickly, as I could see my child looked a little distressed. As I made my way through the aisle,  not really engaging in the conversation from the check-out guy, I raced over to the play area to find my older son in fits of laughter. When I asked what was going on ?   He told me our beautiful Autistic and Non-verbal boy had approached the very active, loud, dominant "Alpha Male" of the play arena, looked him straight in the face, and said "Shhhhhh!".  My eldest said the child, stopped his noisy play immediately and just backed away.   None of the other children in the play area had approached him..... he seemed to have them all intimidated.  
That is all except for, my son.

How amazing, firstly to instigate communication. To use a phrase in an appropriate manner, to look at another child, obviously causing him distress, in the eye... this is an absolutely amazing break through for my boy!  When I went up to him, I reassured him with a quick cuddle and whispered in his ear... "Great  Shhhhhh! L......"
Immediately, I received a smile and a response .....
"Yes.... great Shhhhhhh!"

It is days like this that I wish time would just stand still so I can just soak up the "essence" of the moment!


Michael said...

Awesome Rach. Love yr work.

Anonymous said...

That's a fantastic move for him to do you should be very proud of him i sure am!